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President-elect Joe Biden’s Biggest Foreign Policy Challenge: Irredentism

President Donald Trump and his supporters applaud his legacy as the first president since Jimmy Carter not to embroil U.S. forces in a new foreign conflict. Certainly, after almost two decades in Afghanistan and almost fifteen years in Iraq, the American electorate values military restraint. There is a fine line, however, between restraint and abandonment of global leadership. Trump sprinted across that line, and global security may pay the price.…


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Joe Biden reportedly considering Boston Mayor Marty Walsh as Labor secretary

Speculation about Martin Walsh being tapped as President-elect Joe Biden's Labor secretary is swirling anew, but a Democratic insider is downplaying to the Herald the likelihood of the Boston mayor heading to Washington.

Biden "definitely wants Marty Walsh" to lead the Labor Department, a person familiar with his team's deliberations told…


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Joe Biden Addresses COVID-19 Bill, Holiday Pandemic Precautions

WILMINGTON, DEL. - President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday expressed empathy with struggling families and applauded Congress for passing the coronavirus relief bill as the nation deals with a COVID-19 surge that's casting a shadow over the Christmas holiday.

He called out to frontline workers, scientists, researchers, clinical trial participants…


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Kamala Harris says Joe Biden's policy team will confront climate crisis

WASHINGTON: A day after US President-elect Joe Biden introduced climate Policy team, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Sunday informed that the selected climate team will be ready to confront the crisis head-on with our allies around the world.

"Our climate team is comprised of our country's most seasoned public servants and climate…


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Tension rises between Pentagon and Joe Biden transition team over meetings

President-elect Joe Biden's transition team said Friday that they did not agree to a two-week break in critical transfer-of-power discussions with Pentagon officials, despite an assertion from the acting Defense Secretary that both sides had agreed to take such a "holiday pause."

"There was no mutually agreed upon holiday break," Yohannes Abraham, executive director of the Biden transition, told reporters Friday. "In fact, we think it's important that briefings and other engagements… Doorgaan

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Can Joe Biden reunite America? The Past Who Knows Answer

With bigotry emboldened, ever-escalating partisanship, and a deafening silence from GOP senators as dangerous conspiracy theories spin to their advantage, America is decidedly off-course. Can Joe Biden navigate a post-Trump America back to center? Will his legacy be that of healer-in-chief?

Fortunately, Joe Biden's long-held core beliefs will…


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Hunter Biden subpoena seeks info on Burisma, other entities

WASHINGTON — A subpoena seeking documents from Hunter Biden asked for information related to more than two dozen entities, including Ukraine gas company Burisma, according to a person familiar with a Justice Department tax investigation of President-elect Joe Biden’s son.

The breadth of the subpoena, issued Tuesday, underscores the wide-angle…


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President-elect Joe Biden’s challenge: Building Cabinet that meets all his goals

WASHINGTON (AP) — Shortly after President-elect Joe Biden’s victory last month, Cabinet hopeful Marcia Fudge pointedly noted that Black people are often typecast into positions such as housing secretary.

On Friday, Biden announced Fudge, a prominent Black congresswoman from Ohio, was his nominee for that very role. She was introduced alongside…


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President-elect Joe Biden has selected Katherine Tai

President-elect Joe Biden has selected Katherine Tai, the chief trade lawyer for the House Ways and Means Committee, to serve as U.S. trade representative, four sources familiar with the decision said on Wednesday.

Tai, 45, who won the backing of congressional Democrats, labor and business circles in recent weeks, played a key role in…


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President-elect Joe Biden has said about his approach to trade

Based on what United States President-elect Joe Biden has said about his approach to trade, and what policies we know his party’s progressive wing will push him to adopt, it is reasonable to wonder: will Biden be the first sustainable trade president?

Sustainable trade…


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