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Afghanistan exit and pandemic exacerbate Biden presidency of crisis

President Joe Biden is confronting an extraordinary confluence of intensifying crises that are pushing a White House already mired in extreme challenges to the limit.…


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Joe Biden presidency is under scrutiny as never before over Afghan chaos

President Joe Biden is struggling against an intensifying examination of his judgment, competence and even his empathy over the…


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Joe Biden credibility has been shredded in Afghanistan

If Donald Trump were presiding over the debacle in Afghanistan, the US foreign policy establishment would be loudly condemning the irresponsibility and immorality of American strategy. Since it is Joe…


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Joe Biden infrastructure bill on cruise control to Senate passage

President Joe Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure deal cleared its final serious Senate hurdle Sunday night, putting the legislation on a glide path to passage as soon as…


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The pandemic turning point the Joe Biden did not want

President Joe Biden is tired of wearing a mask, Stepping into the East Room on Thursday, his face covered in black surgical fabric for the first time in weeks, the President made no attempt to disguise his…


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