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Joe Biden will visit Delaware County on Tuesday

DELAWARE COUNTY, Pa. - President Biden will visit Delaware County on Tuesday.

The visit is part of a nationwide push highlighting the COVID-19 relief bill as well as promoting the stimulus and vaccinations

He will visit a small business while in Delaware County.

The roadshow — dubbed the "Help is Here" tour by the White House — kicked off with remarks from President Joe Biden on the White House's effort to highlight the benefits of his huge COVID relief plan. He declared…


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DA Liz Crotty tests positive for COVID-19

NEW YORK -- President Joe Biden is holding firm on his vow to have every American adult eligible for the vaccine by May 1 as some states are drastically relaxing their coronavirus guidelines.

There's growing concern with more Americans are traveling.

Saturday was the 8th day this month where more than a million people were screened by the TSA.

TSA screened 1,223,057 people at security checkpoints Saturday -- about double the number of people who were screened on Feb. 9…


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the COVID-19 vaccine is coming May 1, said Joe Biden

WASHINGTON -- President Joe Biden's promise that all of the nation's 255 million adults will be eligible for coronavirus vaccines by May 1 means the U.S. needs to move fast.

Within the next seven weeks, the federal government must deliver doses to hundreds of new vaccination sites and recruit a new wave of health care workers to administer the shots.

Simply distributing the vaccines will not be enough, though. The government also aims to simplify the often-frustrating sign-up…


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Biden decamp either to Delaware or Camp David

Officials said they expected Biden to decamp either to Delaware or Camp David frequently on the weekends. Eager for the soothing presence of his family and more space to roam than the highly secure White House grounds can provide, he follows a well-worn pattern of presidents ditching Washington come Friday afternoon.

President George W. Bush's spent frequent weekends clearing brush at his Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas. President Donald Trump regularly escaped to his clubs in…


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Press Secretary Jen Psaki informed reporters

And for a number of weeks, life was good. But then on Tuesday, a disturbing report emerged from CNN, concerning Major and a “biting incident” involving a member of White House security. Even more concerning was the news that Major and Champ, who are said to prefer to travel as a pair, had been subsequently sent to the Biden family home in Delaware, i.e. the proverbial doghouse. And that seemed really unfair! Sure, biting isn’t great, and no one wants anyone to get hurt, but whatever happened…


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Joe Biden said Wednesday that Texas made a big mistake

President Joe Biden said Wednesday that Texas made a "big mistake" by removing its statewide mask mandate and suggested the decision reflected "Neanderthal thinking."

The comments by the Democratic president came a day after Republican Gov. Greg Abbott announced he was not only ending the mask requirement but also allowing businesses to reopen…


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Elizabeth Warren's plans and her fortunes

After joining the Senate Finance Committee, the Massachusetts Democrat introduced legislation Monday to tax the wealth of “ultra millionaires,” an idea that was a central aspect of her 2020 presidential campaign. And in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its widening effect on economic inequality, Warren says the need has only grown.



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