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Is President Joe Biden committed to unity?

President Joe Biden delivered a memorable inaugural address. In lofty rhetoric intended to echo through the ages, he spoke of unity and healing to a badly fractured nation.

Though the words were noble and welcome, the speech rang hollow. That’s because, even before he delivered his address, Biden had declared his intent to implement a series of…


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President Joe Biden knows enough about the US presidency to understand

WASHINGTON, DC – Joe Biden knows enough about the US presidency to understand that the first few weeks are the easiest and most pleasant. There inevitably will be setbacks and crises, particularly for a president who took office amidst a raging pandemic, economic collapse, and a climate crisis near to a tipping point.

In the early weeks a new…


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A look at four of Joe Biden’s houses before the White House

President Joe Biden, 78, is moving into his old boss’ digs at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., but he’s long dreamed of stately mansions.

Biden has been enamored by real estate since high school, which has often stretched him financially, according to

“My idea of Saturday fun was to jump in the Corvette with Neilia [his first wife,…


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President-elect Joe Biden's Ronald Reagan problem

President-elect Joe Biden is inheriting a national crisis that has built up over 40 years. On January 20, 1981, former President Ronald Reagan took the US on a radical course when he declared in his inaugural address, "In the present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem." He set out to weaken the federal government by slashing taxes on the rich, dismantling regulations, cutting back on public programs and turning many of the nation's problems back…


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America is broken – can Joe Biden and Kamala Harris put it back together?

In another age, Joe Biden’s promise to heal the nation might have been regarded as the kind of blandishment expected from any new leader taking power after the divisive cut and thrust of an American election.

But the next president will repeat the oath of office on Wednesday sealed off from those he governs by a global pandemic and the threat…


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