Lyft (New Orleans) Driver never showed up but Lyft took my money

I ordered a ride from Lyft (New Orleans) and the driver (Gerard) never showed up. He marked that he did the pick up and dropped me off 5 mins later and not at the address that I listed for the ride. I don't know who he picked up but it wasn't me. Lyft took my fee and I can't reach them. I ended up ordering a ride with Uber, I should have done that anyway, and they were there in 5 minutes. I'll never use Lyft again and I've deleted my account.

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Hello. Probably many of you have asked yourself this question, how much does it cost to ride with Lyft? If you're thinking about using lyft, you can get an estimate of Lyft's cost in the Lyft app or website. Lyft shows prices in advance in the app, so all you have to do is enter your destination to see how much your ride will cost. Lyft calculates your fare using the following criteria: Base Fare - a flat amount charged when you start your journey plus cost per mile - how much you pay for each mile you travel. This includes travel time and service charges. All of this belongs to Lyft, not the driver.

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