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In this digital era, online business in dubai e-commerce or online shopping is getting exceptional growth all over the world. The internet is spreading so fast and there is a digital device like a mobile or laptop available to everyone and this brings the opportunity to sell products and services online. Due to ease of use and availability and development of worldwide shipping services, e-commerce is replacing a lot of traditional stores and shops.

The most impacted industries are electronics, furniture, apparels and household items. The products sold on online stores are cheaper than offline stores and also the customer base is not limited to a certain place, city or country.

UAE is a hugely lucrative market for e-commerce and online business in dubai. The current eCommerce market has already exceeded $10 billion and according to a survey over 90% of people have access to the internet and this brings in a huge opportunity for phenomenal growth.

Not only e-commerce but also other online businesses are subject to advantage tax analysis that is operated in the free zones. Well-developed infrastructure with ports, airports, and other ground logistic systems gives a advantage for online stores in this country. Even you can start business in UAE and along with this article, you will get the instructions on how to start a small business in Dubai.

So, if are you someone who is interested in starting a business in Dubai you have to complete a lot of processes including website development, e-commerce licence Dubai etc. Go through this whole blog and we will tell you how to start online business in UAE.

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Hi, I want to secure all transactions through some online payment system. What would you recommend to me? What service do you use?

Good afternoon, thanks for the recommendation. Melissa, I will try to answer your question. Despite my earlier doubts about many payment systems, I am very well aware of the positive results of using payment gateway providers. The Maxpay platform allows you to accept payments from customers regardless of which channel they use for transactions. Whether it's your online store, mobile app, or subscription platform, it will make payments more convenient for both you and your customers.

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