The most important secret of an apartment move is a long preparation time. It is extremely imprudent to postpone fees until the last day or even a week. You need to start one month before the day of moving.
A month before the appointed day, preparatory work is carried out:
Revise all contracts: lease, Internet and satellite (cable) television, other companies providing certain services - terminate them. If this is not done, you will continue to receive bills even after the move.
Get rid of unnecessary things - those that you will not take with you to your new home.
Set the exact date of the move, negotiate with the carrier, notify the assistants about your intentions.
If there are things you want to sell, it's time to do it. Furniture, household appliances, extra clothes ... How to determine that you don't need a thing? It's very simple: if you haven't used it for the last 5-6 months, feel free to get rid of it, you don't need it. Post ads, notify potential buyers. Don't be greedy, set low prices so you don't have to leave them like trash.

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