How to Increase Brand Awareness & Sales Growth Using Cost Effective Method

Building a brand initially takes a lot; it can be expensive and still be unsuccessful. But from experience I have come to realize that you can make a bad product good through marketing
That's why companies with big budget have popular products which are not necessarily the best. Here we are going to look at different ways you can grow your brand

1. Give away free samples
This is one of the most effective, engaging ways, here, your potential customers get to try out your products free without spending a dime, and this would increase word of mouth marketing if they do find your product very good .
There are various platforms you can use, one of such is Free Stuffs NG a fast rising popular free stuff in Nigeria

2. Find a marketing angle
Most brands or marketing companies fail because they try to market their products generally, you need to find an angle and in copywriting, this is called a pain point
Dwelling on this pain point as a solution provider will make your product offering more acceptable
3. Use social selling

The most effective and cost effective channel these days is social media, this offers the best form of online word of mouth
These are just 3 of some of the most effective and cost effective methods you can use to drive brand awareness and sales growth

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