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'Fans swarmed me during golden age of porn – but my life is so different now'

It’s proving to be difficult for one porn star to stay relevant as the sex industry continues to change. Daisy Rock is a British award-winn…

Begonnen door tania white

0 7 Nov 2022

Erik ten Hag and Cristiano Ronaldo to have crunch Manchester United talks

Cristiano Ronaldo isn't been out of the headlines of late, but for all the wrong reasons. The Portuguese is very much on the periphery at M…

Begonnen door clinton solis

0 25 Okt 2022

Have We Got Solar Power All Wrong?

We are using solar power arse-about-face; there is a much better way to use this planet-saving technology. We are in a desperate race to ch…

Begonnen door tania white

0 12 Okt 2022

The Modern Smartphone Started as a Sidekick

This pre-smartphone device had its moment in the limelight and became a fun gadget and a fashion statement. But it wasn’t able to compete w…

Begonnen door tania white

0 10 Okt 2022

The image that illustrates Erling Haaland superiority against Manchester United

A photograph has emerged that perfectly encapsulates the way in which Manchester United could not handle playing against Manchester City's…

Begonnen door clinton solis

0 3 Okt 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo approached Jordan Peterson to treat his depression

Cristiano Ronaldo made the decision to seek out professional assistance as he navigates what is likely to be the most trying time of his ca…

Begonnen door tania white

0 2 Okt 2022

Erik Ten Hag defends Harry Maguire and helps him to improve his best form

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has revealed measures are in place to protect players' mental health at a time when club captain Har…

Begonnen door clinton solis

0 1 Okt 2022

The Woman Who Refused to Shake President Biden’s Hand

An American President’s visit to Israel is always a special occasion. “The eyes of the world are watching”, Eitan Weiss, the Israeli Foreig…

Begonnen door tania white

0 30 Sept 2022

angan tak sams

Begonnen door movie cinema

0 20 Sept 2022

Erik Ten Hag's revolution Casemiro not starting for Manchester United

That may be wishful thinking, but United’s midfield now has more craft than in recent memory, with Eriksen and Casemiro both comfortable ta…

Begonnen door tania white

0 17 Sept 2022


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