TIG Welding Settings - What Are Those Handles?

A few makers of TIG welding machines likewise sell little slide decide type number crunchers that should assist the welder with setting the dials on a TIG welder machine. Generally they are truly convenient, however there are times when I think the designers were smoking rocks. For instance, assuming you set the slide rule for 1/4" steel, it will show that you want 250-200 amps utilizing DCEN extremity.

250-300 amps for a filet weld on 1/4" steel? Is it safe to say that you are Messing with me?

These little weld number crunchers are extremely helpful for newbs in light of the fact that they are a prepared reference for all the TIG welder machine settings like extremity, high recurrence, and different factors that have a major effect in TIG welding, yet in addition MIG and stick welding.

I know a person who has little marks stuck all around his Mill operator Syncrowave 250 TIG welding machine so he doesn't need to find it each opportunity he wants to weld something. He is a mechanical engineer who does some welding Mig vs tig welding. Not a full time welder . With all the CNC programs he as to contemplate alongside feed speeds and so forth, he doesn't want to retain TIG welding settings. A welding number cruncher would truly help him.

Recollect these ready to take care of business ways to set TIG welders and perhaps you wont even need a welding mini-computer.

1. For Prepares, hardened steels, Nickel composites, titanium and so on( (everything aside from aluminum and magnesium)

DCEN, high recurrence on start just, Argon gas flowmeter set on 20 cfh with a #7 gas focal point type spout/cup, amperage switch on remote, contactor switch on remote

2. For Aluminum and Magnesium

A/C, high recurrence set to persistent, argon, or argon/helium blend flowmeter set to 15 cfh with a #7 cup in the event that machine is furnished with A/C equilibrium, set it to 7, amperage switch on remote, contactor switch on.

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