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I am using Cyklokapron to manage my periods. It is the only problem that makes my life really sad and unpredictable for me. Indeed it is very uncomfortable when your period lasts for about 2-3 weeks and it is so heavy that you're afraid of losing all the blood. Besides my personal life was damaged severely, nothing to say about my career promotion. With the help of Cyklokapron I can approximately know when my period starts and now it lasts for 1 week only. It is really a huge relief for me. Now I have much more time for work, for my friends, for personal life. It was extremely strange to lead a life of a deadly-ill person, without leaving your flat for weeks, lying in bed, watching TV and talking with people by phone mainly. Now I am as if reborn, my life is so much more sociable now! Besides with Cyklokapron I haven't experienced any side effects I had with other similar medications - blurred vision, high blood pressure, fatigue. Nothing like that, luckily!

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I've been taking this medicine for about 4/5 years now and I must say, experiencing horrific periods since 11. This medicine has helped me a lot, I'm now 16 and with the help with medicine I can now socialize better knowing that I don't have to worry about leaking. However, I have had previous scares of blood clots and I'm wondering if I'm at any risk whiles taking the dosage which I have been prescribed? Although my doctor knows of these scares so I'm guessing that it must be safe.

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