After MotoGP, Mandalika Street Circuit awaits more sports events

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has expressed pleasure over the successful implementation of the 2022 Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia (MotoGP) at the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

The MotoGP race was held from March 18 to 20.

"This is a big event of a very extraordinary motorsport and I want to express my deepest gratitude, especially to the people of NTB, particularly Lombok, who have given their full support," Widodo said while watching the final day of the motorbike race.

Red Bull KTM rider Miguel Oliveira won the race after completing 20 laps at the Mandalika Circuit in 33 minutes 27.223 seconds.

Monster Energy Yamaha world champion Fabio Quartararo settled for second place after finishing 2.205 seconds after Oliveira, and Ducati rider Johann Zarco was the third podium winner who received the Indonesian Grand Prix trophy from the President.

Despite the success, Widodo promised to improve some aspects during the next implementation of MotoGP races as Mandalika and Dorna Sports, as MotoGP commercial rights holders, have long-term cooperation contracts.

The Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia at Mandalika marked the first time the prestigious racing event was held in the country in 25 years.

The President said he was proud that all 60 thousand tickets for the race were sold out and expressed the hope that the MotoGP race would add to the country’s tourism brand. The government has developed Mandalika as a sports tourism destination in particular.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahudin Uno, shared the sentiment and attributed the success of the international sports event to collaboration between the government and the private sector.

Uno also expressed optimism that the event will help revive the tourism industry and creative economy sector, in Lombok in particular and Indonesia in general.

"The 2022 Mandalika MotoGP should have a significant impact on the growth of the economy," Uno said.

The event, which attracted a large number of visitors, could bolster the businesses of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

The government has conducted several programs to empower local MSMEs, such as providing training and improving their competence, to attract tourists, he noted.

To promote creative economy products, the ministry held a showcase called "Planogram Goes to Mandalika" at the MotoGP venue, where visitors could purchase creative economy products by scanning the barcodes on each product.

At least 300 products from the fashion, craft, and culinary sub-sectors were displayed at the “Planogram Goes to Mandalika” event.

Furthermore, thanks to the success of the MotoGP race, several organizers of the international racing championship have expressed interest in organizing events at the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit.

"When I want to congratulate the champion of the Moto2 World Championship, I sat beside an FIM (International Motorcycling Federation) executive, who said that several organizers of international racing championships are interested in (organizing events at) the Mandalika Circuit," Uno said in a statement.

The Mandalika Circuit is situated in one of the five super-priority tourism destinations and has the best panoramic views among all racing circuits in the world.

The grade A classification granted by the International Motorcycling Federation during the latest assessment has attracted organizers of international racing championships to the circuit, according to Uno.

Some automotive communities have also expressed interest in organizing test drives at the circuit, which is known to have a high security standard, he added.

"We are ready because apart from organizers of motorsport championships, organizers of bicycle races, marathons, and other communities have expressed their interest in the circuit," the minister informed.

Uno lauded international racing championship organizers' interest in the Mandalika Circuit as proof of the success of nation branding during the 2022 Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia that will bolster national economic recovery and open new jobs for locals.

The 2022 MotoGP race is projected to contribute Rp500 billion to the economy and create 11 thousand jobs during the pre-season test, according to the minister. During the final event, it was believed that there was additional income from the event.

In total, some 50 thousand jobs were believed to have been generated in certain sectors during the 2022 MotoGP series.
During the MotoGP race, at least 300 people were hired as construction workers, 3 thousand people in MSME merchandising, 600 people in homestays, and 1,500 people in logistics and transportation.

Besides, at least 900 workers were absorbed in the culinary and restaurant sectors, around 500 people in the accommodation sector, and around 100 people in the natural, social, and cultural exploration sector.

State oil and gas company PT Pertamina (Persero) provided 50 free booths for marketing products during the race.

One of the objectives behind Pertamina's support is to encourage a positive multiplier effect for the economy in Mandalika in particular and Indonesia in general.

This activity is a series of MSME empowerment activities within Pertamina's Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL) to support the success of the Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia.

Earlier, Pertamina had collaborated with the NTB provincial government and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to hold a business meeting for MSME players with potential buyers of the hospitality industry around the Mandalika area.

The economic benefits initiated by 2022 MotoGP also impacted surrounding regions, apart from Lombok.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) will soon evaluate the implementation of the 2022 Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia as part of preparations for holding the World Superbike (WSBK) on November 11–13 this year.

"The KSP will immediately conduct an in-depth evaluation of the MotoGP to prepare for the upcoming World Superbike at the end of 2022," deputy I of KSP's Chief of Staff, Febry Calvin Tetelepta, said on March 22, 2022.

The Mandalika Special Economic Zone will also host G20 side events on sustainable development in the tourism sector this year.

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