5 Reasons Why You Need To Try truSculpt iD

The demand for minimally invasive and noninvasive body contouring procedures has accelerated. This uptick can be accredited to increased awareness, accessibility to technologically advanced procedures and the adoption of alternatives to plastic surgery

Among the most recent innovations in the market, TruSculpt iD has swiftly become a cult favorite process of fast, painless and permanent fat reduction. TruSculpt iD enables aestheticians to supply clients an entire body sculpting solution in an easy, straightforward treatment protocol.

What's truSculpt iD?

TruSculpt ID uses targeted Radio-Frequency energy to permanently destroy fat cells while simultaneously tightening skin and improving texture. This results in an even more sculpted, toned and slimmer look.

This revolutionary technology is FDA approved and provides a more personalized approach by focusing only on the areas that you want, ensuring every treatment is designed only for you.

Today, truSculpt iD is employed as an entire body sculpting solution in an easy, straightforward treatment protocol. Above all, the results are visible and permanent.

So, what else should you understand about truSculpt iD?

Keep reading to uncover the 5 Reasons You Have to Try truSculpt iD.

  1. It's Safe

TruSculpt iD is the initial ever FDA approved treatment on the market for permanent fat destruction. This can be a noninvasive procedure, meaning it never breaks the skin unlike surgical options like liposuction.

The radio-frequency energy is delivered to the fat layer while maintaining an appropriate skin temperature at all times. It will not burn skin or damage the muscles across the treated area. Trusculpt ID cost near me Many clients have compared the feeling to a warm stone massage.

Unlike a number of the competing procedures on the market, there has not been one reported case of Adipose Hyperplasia with TruSculpt ID.

  1. Highly Customizable

TruSculpt ID was designed for an even more personalized approach allowing you focus exclusively on the areas you want. With both hands-on and hands-free applicators that may be used simultaneously, TruSculpt ID offers an ultra-tailored treatments made for each individual client.

Previous “hands-free” lipolysis devices made eligibility extremely limiting to certain shapes and sizes. TruSculpt iD is must less restricting, and works effectively on almost any patient size, and any body area.

  1. It's Fast

A truSculpt iD treatment session takes just 15 minutes per area, and you can treat as much as 6 areas at the same time frame for optimal efficiency. In only 15 minutes, you'll have the task done on a lunch break and still ensure it is back again to the office with time to spare.

Considering that the fat cells targeted during a truSculpt iD procedure are permanently destroyed and eliminated from the human body, results are often achieved after just one single treatment session!

  1. There's 0 Downtime

This can be a completely noninvasive procedure with 0 downtime. Most patients return for their day-to-day activities immediately after they finish a session.

Most Clients report TruSculpt iD treatments are relatively painless and have little to no aftercare after the procedure. Although some patients feel a slight tingling, others often report a sensation similar to the warmth during a heated stone massage.

A top provider of TruSculpt iD in NYC, Flash Lab Skin & Laser goes above and beyond to make certain your comfort through the entire treatment. Loyal clients rave that you're feeling no pain and can leave without any scarring or damage to the skin or tissue.

  1. Clinically Proven Results

Let's talk numbers.

Normally, clients have a 24% reduction in fat in the location treated after just one single 15 minute TruSculpt iD session.

TruSculpt iD may be the world's first technology proven through clinical trials. It has also demonstrated to be the fastest and the very best procedure to lessen unwanted fat pockets.

You will start to notice slight fat burning and skin tightening in the procedure area after about 6 weeks. That is when you could begin to start to see the slimmer and more toned area. The entire results will be accomplished by 12 weeks,, and you can expect an obvious reduction in fat, cellulite and skin laxity.

Check out these incredible before and after photos from satisfied TruSculpt iD clients at Flash Lab Skin & Laser in NYC!


truSculpt iD has earned a prevalent invest the medical aesthetics industry for the'ability to achieve quick, painless and visible results. It is considered a safe and highly effective body sculpting system; clinically proven to remove fat cells.

Interested in trying truSculpt iD?

Flash Lab Skin & Laser has got the best introductory pricing for truSculpt iD in Manhattan - guaranteed. Book your free consultation online today to start achieving your body goals.

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