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Reactie van Samuel Darden op 17 Februari 2021 op 0.28

Cool stuff…thanks for the post. Saved this blog!

Reactie van DrakeFuture op 8 Maart 2021 op 19.24

I really don’t see a reason my people use cheats on video games. Apart from taking the fun out of playing the game, it robs you of the sense of achievement and pride when you finally beat the game and the among us by innersloth, play here after an exorbitant amount of hours playing it. If it were me, I would go about it honestly like a playpc review and beat the game like an adult and not cheat my way throughout all the levels. I know that it can be frustrating when you are stalled because a level is too hard but that is part of the fun in itself. That is why people love playing video games because they like to be challenged.

Reactie van Rose Watson op 29 April 2021 op 5.58

Meaningful. Thanks for sharing. Stickman Hook


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