Why do we need to travel? Why it is getting increasingly important that we, once in a while, change our environment and travel outside our country? Why it is sometimes a necessity for our emotional health traverse?

Travel's importance is underestimated by many people. Travel is not only fun, entertaining and enjoyable. With current lifestyles and work conditions, travel has become more than an option. It is more than just having fun. As Augustine of Hippo said inch The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. "
 During travel you are able to do things you usually don't do. When travelling, you go outdoor and grow away from computers, and Tvs and you are likely to be mixing with different girls and cultures. People travel for different reasons. Some travel for fun and to have a good time. Others travel as a hobby. Travel can be an escape away from the hectic pace of life in big cities. Some travel just to change and move, as Robert Louis Stevenson said "I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake". Some people like to study from different cultures, as Mark Twain said inch Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. inch Travel affords the person the opportunity to discover, to explore and to feel the sense of adventure.

Many people around the world are discovering the benefits of am the extent that the holidays industry is growing worldwide and has become one of the major profitable sectors in world economies cruise tours malta. No wonder that travel is growing year by year. According to figures published by the World Travel & Holidays Local authority or council WTTC, world holidays industry grew by 3% in 2012, and contributed $6. 6 trillion to world GDP by direct and roundabout impact. In 2012, for the first time ever sold, international tourist arrivals reached 1. 035 thousand.

Here are the main benefits of travel:

As you travel miles away from your environment, you are able to reduce your responsibilities and then begin to relax and rest. Not only you rest your body, but also mind. Knowing that you can wake up anytime without an alarm clock, without necessity to be physically available at work, will take off a lot of mental stress. Here, you can sense freedom. Stress relief is a major reason for travel. The moment you think you are heading for Hawaii or Bali, you get immediate sensation of excitement and stress-free feelings. It is this mental peace that makes travel a decent stress-relief. Sometimes travel can be stressful if your trip has a lot of sightseeing, or meeting a lot of people. But travel stress is dissimilar from home stress because it is positive stress. Travel stress does not associate with it anxiety or worry.

Travel is a great way to connect with nature which is very helpful for your relaxation, in your head or physically. Nature is a stimulus for triggering your right brain. Right brain domination is one major cause for stress-relief. Also, during travel there is no sense of emergency which is usually associated with home behavior. Change of scenery is by itself helpful for relieving stress.

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Although I have taken many trips, I never went on "the trip of a lifetime" when I was younger.
I would do it again if I could go back in time because I really regret it.
To be honest, it would have been a good life if you could have completed your travels and died at that point.

My first trip abroad, which lasted a month, was only possible when I was twenty-five years old. It was amazing, but it's not the same as being a teenager.
I told myself that if I didn't go back, I wouldn't complete because I wanted to stay longer, acquire a job to support myself while I was there, improve my English, and have a positive life experience.

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