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Fearless Stunt Motorcycle Rider Hurls Himself Off Cliff in Wild Video

Aveteran athlete and social media influencer recorded a death-defying stunt as he launched himself and his bike off a cliff and onto a waiting wooden ramp.

Max Grayston, 29, posted his video on his @motomaxcanada Instagram account that shows him first approaching the edge of a rocky cliff in the midst of a forest in western Canada.

The edited video shows how he then jumps between two trees just feet apart, vaults over a gully, and lands on a rough wooden ramp dozens of feet…


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Manchester City Wins Premier League Title After Nearly Kicking It Away

Three second-half goals capped a dramatic final day, and denied Liverpool an improbable championship. MANCHESTER, England — In that wild, euphoric moment, as the stands rattled and shook, Manchester City felt it again, that sensation it had known once, not all that long ago, the one enshrined in a shimmering statue on the plaza outside the Etihad Stadium. They would, they had been told, never see its like again. They could, it turned out, come very close indeed. The depiction of Sergio…


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Many touts, UEFA Bans Liverpool and Rangers FC Fans from Buying Illegal Tickets

The European Football Federation (UEFA) has strictly prohibited Liverpool and Rangers FC supporters from buying tickets illegally at ticket brokers. If you still dare to buy illegal tickets, UEFA is ready to impose sanctions, including not being able to watch the Champions League and Europa League finals which Liverpool and Rangers will participate in.

As is known, these two teams are participants from the top party of the biggest competition in Europe. Liverpool for the Champions… Doorgaan

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Manchester City confirms 'agreement in principle' for Borussia Dortmund's Erling Haaland

One of the most prolific and sought-after strikers in world football is set to play in the English Premier League next season after Manchester City confirmed an agreement has been reached with Borussia Dortmund for Erling Haaland.

There had been months of speculation concerning the 21-year-old's future, with rumors of a potential move to City increasing in recent weeks.

On Tuesday, a City statement read: "Manchester City can confirm we have reached an agreement in principle with… Doorgaan

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Former NBA Player Adreian Payne Dead at 31 After Fatal Shooting

Adreian Payne, a former NBA player for the Atlanta Hawks, Minnesota Timberwolves and Orlando Magic, has died at the age of 31. Read tributes honoring the Michigan State alum below.

The sports community is mourning the loss of basketball player Adreian Payne.

The Ohio native, who played for the Atlanta Hawks, Minnesota Timberwolves and Orlando Magic during his NBA career, has passed away at the age of 31, Florida authorities confirm to E! News. According to the Orange County…


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Taiwan mobilizes 190 clinics to provide COVID PCR tests

CECC asks people to call the clinic and make an appointment TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced Friday (May 6) that 190 clinics would provide PCR testing to the public. Taiwan on Friday reported a single-day record of 36,168 local infections, while people lined up outside pharmacies to buy COVID home test kits. Hospitals said they would continue to conduct PCR tests for people who had tested positive for COVID with the home kits. Nevertheless, the CECC…


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Builders hurt protected areas in climate-weary Puerto Rico

SALINAS, Puerto Rico (AP) — Jacqueline Vázquez was sitting on the couch when her phone rang.

She had just returned from a government office where she filed a complaint about illegal construction in an ecological reserve. The reserve is dedicated to one of the island's largest mangrove forests near her neighborhood in southern Puerto Rico.

“What the hell were you doing in Natural Resources?” a man's voice bellowed through her phone.

Vázquez took it as a threat,… Doorgaan

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