Real Madrid and Monaco negotiating bonuses over Tchouameni signing

Real Madrid are closing in on the signing Aurelien Tchouameni, whose potential move currently depends on Los Blancos' negotiations with Monaco over the bonus fees.

Tchouameni's price tag is set at 80 million euros including variables, with the Ligue 1 club looking to receive more than the aforementioned fee for their star.

As MARCA reported on Monday, his signing for Real Madrid has entered into the final stretch. When Los Blancos focused all their efforts on luring Kylian Mbappe to the Spanish capital, Tchouameni's move seemed financially unfeasible.

However, things have drastically changed after the French striker turned down Real Madrid, who then made Tchouameni their priority target.

His potential arrival is regarded as a statement move for Real Madrid in sporting, prestige and marketing terms.

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