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Marketed as Zicam, it was a DXM-only OTC cough suppressant spray that normal people This lead to the worship of the new Lord Zicam and many trip reports Dextromethorphan (DXM) is a dissociative with a more complex pharmacology . out-of-body experiences, dream-like scenes, and “traveling” to new locations, in the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, NIH publications 85-23. namely Coricidin Cough and Cold (n=3), Zicam (n=1), and Mucinex (n=1). 16 Jun 2005 yes, Zicam works great for some, the Nite Zicam has 540mg DXM it a lot and had craazy trips.. made me kinda drowsy..and the usual dxm 26 Sep 2005 yeah ive done zicam very bad taste but i recommend it it was a very clean feeling dxm trip stomach wasnt full of pills or cough syrup..much Guide to DXM If you are using DXM recreationally, avoid using Coricidin Cough and Cold as .. Zicam product added as suggested by sam b and stephen b. with DXM (~2009), the go-to drugstore product was Zicam Cough Max. and I've been itching for a nice DXM trip as it's been a few years. but you can search your weight online for one, or probably find a guide on Erowid. DPH tripping is NOTHING like DXM tripping. . zicam max is deffinitly the best way to go. you dont have to eat mad gelcaps or chug a26 Sep 2005 yeah ive done zicam very bad taste but i recommend it it was a very clean feeling dxm trip stomach wasnt full of pills or cough syrup..much 16 Oct 2012 Zicam (throat spray), any syrup containing only DXM, and gelcaps. Doing it this way will have you tripping in about an hour and a half all.. DXM manifests its effects in a series of plateaus, with dose determining which . This is an extended release form of DXM which produces a longer lasting trip with .. Coricidin Cough and Cold, Zicam, Dimetapp, Chloraseptic, When taken in

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