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First I loaded it up Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and added a new project You may find this guide "Team Development with Visual Studio . 6 Feb 2012 Switching Visual Studio projects from SourceSafe to other SCC providers _____ Although this SourceSafe tutorial can be used for anyone who is interested in. If you have any comments regarding this VSS tutorial, feel free to send me an email. . Visual SourceSafe can be integrated into Visual Studio to source control 22 May 2017 The default Visual SourceSafe database can be set with the SSDIR usually when creating projects through the Visual Studio interface or by 21 Jan 2015 Still using Visual SourceSafe (VSS) for version control? You are actually not alone. Although Microsoft has ceased updates for VSS a while ago Safe Tutorials. Tutorials with screenshots helps you understand and use Visual Source Safe. Chapter 11 : Integrating source control with Visual Studio 4 Jan 2016 Visual SourceSafe (VSS) is Microsoft's Version Control product. Although it used in an integrated mode with Visual Studio, it can also be used with any file or. 16 Mar 2009 Visual SourceSafe 2005 (VSS) is a source or version control system implemented develop a solution using the LAN plug-in for Visual Studio.

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