Perez disappointed in himself: "It could have gone either way"

Perez disappointed in himself: "It could have gone either way"

Sergio Perez cannot look back on a strong Russian Grand Prix. Max Verstappen's Mexican teammate was unable to get further than ninth position. Where his teammate performed very strongly, Perez came away as schlemiel in the field. The Mexican mainly describes it as an accident.

It was not going well for Perez all weekend. On Saturday, he qualified only eighth behind Lance Stroll's Aston Martin. In the end, Verstappen was able to overtake both drivers and repair from twentieth place to second position. It didn't seem to work for Perez, he had a view of a podium place. However, the rain threw a spanner in the works.

"Obviously this was very disappointing," Perez told the official Formula 1 website . “Actually, it could have gone either way. If it had rained a little less, the people on the intermediates would have had a lot of trouble again. In the end, it rained a little more, which gave those who had stopped the advantage," Perez continues.


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