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The National Archives Guide provides descriptions of all the holdings that were in .. 18.9 Photographs shot by Photo Squadrons stationed at Scott Field, IL of Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson, and Surgeon General Norman T. Kirk.This section of the plan shows the bodies of Lord Darnley and his servant in the garden. Why are the men half naked? How did the bodies get there? What might Extracts from a letter allegedly from Mary to Earl Bothwell (SP. Closeup of Lord Darnley's body being removed (MPF 1/366) Extract from a letter from Elizabeth I to Mary (SP 52/13/71) Early in the morning of 10 February 1567, Kirk o' Field house in Edinburgh was destroyed by an explosion. The partially clothed bodies of Lord Darnley, This is the Infant James – Lord Darnley's son and heir to the throne. The infant James is saying 'Judge and revenge my caus, O Lord.' What do you think this


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