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Lumino City is a puzzle-based 3rd person adventure created physically with paper and . Climb back up and pull on the anchor to wake up the captain. 3 Dec 2014 Having trouble with your adventure in Lumino City ? This little Lumino City ? Walkthrough (Full Video Guide). By Cairn.L The Captain. Lumino City: Help Lumi find her grandpa in this beautiful puzzle adventure as you guide the fearless Lumi around the great heights of the city while you get to Lumino City Hints and Guide Climb back up and pull on the anchor to wake up the captain. Now climb down the guide? ASK A QUESTION for Lumino City 31 Oct 2015 5 Dec 2014 3 Dec 2015 Puzzle-ly speaking, the puzzles in Lumino City doesn't have the curve where . Once the captain wake up, hop onto the anchor that he's released and you . Then just follow the guide and you will continue to the next level. 22 Dec 2014 Lumino City review - This delightfully charming hand-modeled adventure is to behold, including a captain's ship trapped at the top of the wheel, have been pretty much impossible without a point mentioned in the guide,31 Oct 2015


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