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26 Nov 2017 Pokemon Emerald 07: Bound for Dewford Town - Pokemon Emerald walkthrough and game guide. Thank you for using this Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough. Part 3 - Route 104, Dewford Town, Dewford Gym, Route 106, Granite Cave, Route 109, Slateport13 May 2015 Get Some Items. Go into the house next to the dock and talk to the person at the table to get a Silk Scarf. Talk to the guy south of the dock and say Yes to get an Old Rod. Challenge the Gym. You should go to the Dewford Gym. Go to Granite Cave. You still have to deliver the letter to Steven. Contents. 1 Routes 105 and 106. 1.1 Checking In. 2 Dewford Town. 2.1 Dewford Hall; 2.2 Hook the Big One! 2.3 Dewford Gym. 3 Route 106; 4 Granite Cave. Dewford is a small seaside town on a small island accessible only through two . Ruby, Encounter Rate, Sapphire, Encounter Rate, Emerald, Encounter Rate. 24 Dec 2009 Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Walkthrough: Thanks to Mr. Briney you have come to Dewford Town, where you'll be competing Locations (Granite Cave). 13 May 2016 13 Aug 2012 Our Walkthrough for Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald is written in 116, Rusturf Tunnel, Rustboro City, Routes 104-106, Dewford Town,


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