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I have a geology book I bought that talks about all the interesting places to go in North and South Carolina. In it there is an article on 40 acre This is sort of out of the way but it is an amazing geological site. Many rare plants. Always make a stop at 40 Acre Rock when visiting Kershaw. Easy .6 mile Named for a massive granite standing rock that is actually closer to fourteen acres in size, the Forty Acre Rock Heritage Preserve is set in a 2,267-acre park in South Carolina that is open for hiking. Forty Acre Rock’s granite, as part of the Flat Creek Preserve, is home to 22 Feb 2016 40 Acre Rock Vein. A cache by Located in 40 Acre Park. In geology, a vein is a distinct sheet like body of crystallized minerals within a rock. 6 Mar 2017 Forty Acre Rock is one of six National Natural Landmarks in the that recognizes only the most outstanding natural and geological features. Explore Valeria McDonald's board "40 acre rock" on Pinterest. Visit The Massive Granite Standing Rock At The Forty Acre Rock Heritage Preserve Honolulu – Hawaii – USA Honolulu Beach, Maui, Hawaii Travel Guide, Hawaii Donna WhitneyAmazing Nature: NATURAL Rock Formations, Boulders/ Geology.6 Apr 2015 But what I loved even more was Forty Acre Rock Heritage Preserve, saw it, and I would not have either, had I not had a generous guide. Background Information. - Description of Landforms, Drainage Patterns, and Geologic . Activity 3A-1 : Forty Acre Rock and Flat Creek Preserve. - Materials. - Performance Tasks .. There she lost sight of her scarlet guide. She searched and. 11 Jul 2010 Forty Acre Rock Heritage Preserve is a contradiction of natural beauty and disfigurement. The main attraction of the preserve is a large granite

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