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P300 19'' slide in rack chiller 200 W to 2 kW (PDF) Operation manuals are produced for each chiller individually and therefore can not be made available as a Search in Termotek GmbH catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in Termotek GmbH logo P300 series chiller. termotek 19" rack-mounted, P300 series chiller. These 19" rack mounted chillers Termotek is the manufacturer of laser cooling systems. Our products serveThe controller is optimised for water cooling laser systems with bypass regulation. After re-starting (starting point below/above the set value) maximum Immediately upon receiving your new ThermoTek chiller (Recirculating Thermoelectric to provide fluid heating and cooling only as specified in this manual. The E Series of Termotek Chillers is based on the well known P300 Chillers. The Termotek E Series has been designed to meet the new requirements of Termotek found in: Preinstallation Manual Paladin Advanced Mode Locked UV Laser System, Paladin Advanced Preinstallation.book, , Jan 7, 2010 We are the sole distributor of Termotek Chillers in Southeast Asia, Japan, and China. We Termotek P300 series | Air - Water / Water. Features: Compact stand alone enclosure. High temperature stability. Reliable operation. Low noise and vibration levels. Low maintenance. More info. P300 Applications include the cooling of lasers, medical and laboratory equipment. The refrigerant compressor cools a stainless steel coil located in the coolant water

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