slimphoria keto Do Not Buy Revealed  Its Side Effects

slimphoria keto were treating it as a cure-all and it does have really amazing properties but I read some studies that say it's mostly palmitic acid which is the worser of the evils you know of it will raise cholesterol mm-hmm and then I've read some studies that is more learnig acid which is not as bad which is good for you you know as neutral affecting with cholesterol and so finding that out is also a big debate now but I would mostly tell people unsaturated fat is good saturated is caution don't have too much of it should make up 7% or less of your daily caloric intake interesting yeah and then what would you say is maybe you know like the biggest blunder may be that people make that you see probably avoiding fats completely thinking that fats are super bad because that's actually their really really important for our body function to have really nice skin and hair and nails and all at that and some people say all I can 


slimphoria keto Reviews coconut oil is that there's still a lot of research that needs to be done to find out what kind of saturated fats are in coconuts I've read multiple studies because I was so interested in coconut oil because people have that you know like avocados it's it's way too caloric or it's way too fatty you know it's like you can definitely incorporate it into your diet if its caloric you know again it's just being mindful throughout the day and making sure you're tracking at least a little bit and knowing that you know if it's a whole food if it's produce it's gonna be good you know I don't want people to be afraid of fruits and vegetables you know we we need more of those not less of them so I would say that's a blunder usually interesting yeah what would be some other common questions that you get um how to lose weight all the times we're like okay great how do I lose weight I don't lose ten pounds right now and it's it's complicated right it's very complicated science there's so much information out there and unfortunately there is a lot of just 

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