Is it safe to buy diamond rings online in London?

Is it safe to buy diamond rings online in London?

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It is safe and you can be sure on its quality by the way. You see, I used to present my DW with a wonderful golden ring from  and it turned to be the best gift ever for her. Mind that you will receive the jewelry in a beautiful gift box. But you can give a try to some old-fashioned engraved keychains for instance, or framed photographs with cheeky lines, customized mugs and so on. Now the time has come to up your game.

I did have an appraiser friend look over the listings. And I've been using eBay since it was invented.

We looked at jewelry stores and at both custom and vintage rings.

We had some unusual requirements:

Sapphires and diamonds to match a family ring she wore.
Platinum for me because I have metal allergies.
White gold for her.
Rings that looked related but not identical.
I wear both of our rings, now, as pendants on a chain. With a heart for another departed loved one.

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