Bait/switch, lies, and trying to make you think it's customer mistake

If US business, they should be indicted. Hours on hold, repeatedly. Told confirmed. Next day, I was told the card was declined. Checked credit card company. They never ran the card. They LIE repeatedly. Act in Bad Faith. On the day of flight they say never confirmed. They try to raise the price from m $412-$521-$989. I asked to speak to someone in US, told I was being transferred, 40 minutes later, still in India with a supervisor. Told US would call, never did.

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Their website is unclear and perform in an unethical manner. I chose dates and flights I wanted, then chose the option to view flexible dates (like Southwest has).

WITHOUT alerting me, the site chose different dates before I checked out . When I looked the next day, I realized dates were different (& did not work for me.) I called and their answer was to charge me either $200 to make changes, or $100 to get a refund. The claim was these fees were disclosed, which admittedly may have been in fine print somewhere. After an hour of arguing with the agent that the site should have told me the dates changed before I checked out, he reduced the change fee to $100. Although I am grateful, I feel this site is extremely shady by failing to notify you of changes, then charging you when you discover they were made. Btw, I was also told the only reason I even had the option to pay $200 to change was because I called within 24 hours of booking. The Indian agent kept warning me of the countdown "you only have 1 hr 48 min to make your decision."

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